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I get that, of course. It's not much deeper, though, than Castellan being puzzled as to why Cepheren/Khafra "looks like a black woman." Which immediately begs the question "Were you expecting him to look like a WHITE woman?"
I thought it was the Sphinx he said looks like a black woman?

Just because a fact is self-evident doesn't make it wrong.
Well, if something’s a fact then it wouldn't be wrong regardless of whether it's self evident or not, Right? It's our assumptions that something is self evident, and therefore doesn't need proof, that can be –and usually are- wrong.

ETA: I had heard about this before but forgot the name of the group. I've been told that blue eyes is an unusually common trait for the Denka Bor tribe in Sudan (couple hundred miles south of Egypt). Also unable to track down the study I used to have a bookmark for that the mutation for blue eyes occurs in 5 to 12 percent of West Africans (higher or lower figures depend on whether the trait is associated with other conditions like Waardenberg Syndrome; IIRC, 6% of the time it's associated with nothing at all).
Interesting, do you remember whether in the individuals with this mutation for blue eyes, had both eyes blue, or just one eye?
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