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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

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I'm just saying I don't think Endgame proves that J/C would not have happened in the series.
Fair enough. ( am I arguing against J/C?!). But seriously, watching that ep, it seems to me that J/C was pretty much shut down by the C/7 relationship (at least for the time being).

(What the heck.. how did I end up arguing for J/C?!)
It happens to us all eventually.

Oh and really, isn't Chakotay rather sleazy to be hitting on an engaged woman?
In his mind they were stuck on that planet permanently and he was trying to make a good life for them. For most of the episode he was trying to get Janeway to see the bright side of things. He only went into the whole "Angry Warrior" speech after Janeway said that they had to define parameters.
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