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Re: Resident Evil: Retribution. Bit shallow, even by this series stand

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If it's airborne, why did Umbrella open the Hive again in the sequel?
Rain's team was sent to the Hive the first time because Umbrella's bosses had no idea why the Red Queen shut the place down, and since most of the people that could have told them were dead, a second team was sent and the leader of the that team, while they were securing Matt and Alice, said clearly in the first film "We're reopening the Hive. I want to find out what happened down there."

They reopened the Hive cause they didn't know the T-virus had gotten out. It's that simple.

Why did they even bother trying to evacuate people in Racoon City?
The few people they tried to evacuate were all involved in the development of the virus, which made them important in learning how to control it. The rest of the population they tried to contain in the city until they could be nuked, something that wouldn't be necessary if all they had to do was keep people from being bitten.

Why did Alice send Claire and her friends to Arcadia, knowing they would contaminate the place, if it wasn't contaminated already?
Alice didn't know any such thing, because -- again, this was established in the first film -- there is an anti-virus to the T-Virus, and since the radio message luring people to Arcadia claimed "There is no virus," She probably assumed whoever was running Arcadia had access to the anti-virus and was providing sanctuary and treatment. She was half right.

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
It was airborne within that facility because the vial broke, but that was more or less contained. Perhaps it's no longer airborne in the same sense; for example, a T-virus zombie can't just breathe into your mouth and give you the virus. It's now more like HIV, where it has to be absorbed directly through blood contact.
If that were the case it wouldn't have spread so rapidly across the states and around the world.

There's no reason to believe that contact is required to contract the virus. Again, let's go back to the first film. The vial breaks and the contents become airborne and everybody who breathes is infected. The Red Queen shuts the place down, probably because she's not allowed to reveal the nature of the emergency to the people inside. And she does that before a single zombie appears to bite anybody. No Zombies are there because nobody's dead yet. Living people have immune systems that fight off viruses. It's likely they could live a long time before the virus finally overwhelms their systems, but not forever, and they will become zombies if they die from ANYTHING, which is what happened after the Red Queen killed them. And before anyone asks why, it's easier to contain a bunch of undead idiots with limited motor skills than it is to contain hundreds of living, brilliant scientists and administrators actively looking for an exit.

Zombie bites don't kill and transform victims on their own. They accelerate the infection in already contaminated bodies. You're already dead. That just kills you faster.
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