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Re: USS Copernicus, NCC-640 or 623?

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Fair enough if you stop treating me like a cadet.
I was treating you like someone who had his facts wrong, and I was simply correcting you. If you don't like being corrected, I can't help that.

It's a question of deduction:
a) The USS Constellation NCC-1017 is a cruiser of the 16th (Constitution Class) or 17th design (Enterprise Class). Conclusion: The NCC registry scheme doesn't make sense
b) The USS Constellation NCC-1017 is a cruiser of the 10th design. Conclusion: Thanks to an incredible amount of interior and exterior modifications it looks almost exactly like Kirk's television Enterprise
c) Matt Decker's Constellation had been renamed and renumbered honoring the achievements of a previous one to send a strong pyschological message to Federation opponents that are familiar with the success of the original ship.
It's not your deductions I'm questioning. I asked if there was any actual evidence from a canon source that the Constellation's registry was numbered in honor of a previous ship. Those three examples are only your opinion and AFAIK cannot be backed by visual evidence or dialog from the actual show.

So why is Picard's Enterprise still wearing the registry of the original ship from a treknological point of view? In my opinion because Kirk and the Enterprise gained a notorious reputation among the Romulans for TOS events in "Balance of Terror" and "The Enterprise Incident" - Any NCC-1701 showing up near the Neutral Zone tells the Romulans the Federation means business. It's a show of strength.
Star Trek IV heavily implied if not outright stated that Kirk got his new Enterprise (and with the "A" attached to it) from his efforts in saving Earth from the Whale Probe, and nothing whatsoever to do with Romulans.

I mentioned Valiant because the two ships in the 24th Century clearly reveal that this concept doesn't apply here or anymore.
I'm still not sure what you're talking about. There were only two ships named Valiant in the 24th century and they both had different registry numbers.

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In DS9, the NX-74205 Defiant was destroyed and Sisko was given the San Paolo in "The Dogs of War" and given a special dispensation to rename (and change the registry) of the ship to the Defiant.
SISKO: Special dispensation from the Chief of Starfleet Operations to change the name from Sao Paulo to Defiant.
Actually, only the name was changed. The registry stayed the same as the Sao Paolo's. The scenes where the registry was the original Defiant's were just stock footage of the old Defiant and was not meant to be taken seriously as a registry change as well.
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