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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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I think that if people are against Spock/Uhura because it reduces her to a love interest then it doesn't make sense for them to approve any Uhura pair, at all , especially not Uhura/Scotty that not only did came out from nowhere in TFF (and in that you can essentially criticize them using the same reasons that are now used against Spock/Uhura) but it was bad taste, frankly, as they were old people and she was under the influence of Syboc who was using her for his own purposes. Not to mention her nude dance scene from the same movie
1. I think it’s the disproportionate authority that helps give the "love interest" impression. A point that is hammered home when nuSpock, for some godforsaken reason, has the power to decide which ship Uhura serves on!

2. It seemed perfectly possible to me that Scotty and Uhura might get together especially at that stage in their lives. After a mild surprise initially, it felt right. It certainly wasn’t the "What the hell’s going on here! That makes no sense what-so-ever" variety of shock in ST09. By the way, it seemed to me that what may have been mistaken for flirting in TOS, was actually just teasing by Uhura. Spock, of course showed disinterest toward all women (under normal circumstances). The point of the teasing was to highlight his individual characteristics. Thus Uhura’s comment about not being surprised Vulcan as no moon.

3. "Frankly", I’m amazed no one else has pulled you up on that bit of blatant ageism. How anyone, could imagine a relationship between two people is in "bad taste", solely because of their age, is beyond me. By the way, the scene where this comes to light (initially at least) is a long time before Syboc comes on board, which doesn't happen till about half way through the movie.

4. Uhura didn’t do a nude anything. Don’t tell me, the real problem is she was too old to be dancing like that.

Edit: Amended previous edit (I think she is wearing something). To be honest I found that scene somewhat demeaning anyway, but I wonder how many would complain if she was 25?

It felt forced to me in TFF it figures in the Abrams' verse they didn't even interact in that movie.
You do realise the writers invented what went on in ST09 and could have made different choices? However I will grant you that nuScotty didn't work well, period. Sulu was a possibility though, especially for those who will grab hold of any precedent (Mirror Universe) in a storm.

"Her relationship with Spock elevated her to the level of the original trio. She was everything she ever was in TOS and MORE by sharing her affection with the moral (sic) center of the show, and not the playboy Captain." - Roberto Orci, (writer/producer for the rebooted Trek movies) referring to Uhura.
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I don't like that it's her "relationship with Spock" that does this.
to be fair,BobOrci was replying to a Spock/Uhura hater who had previously said that her relationship with Spock ruined her character. In context, that's why he said "her relationship with Spock" in his counter-argument
Unlike Spock/Uhura Fan, I don’t think that makes it sound any better. A knee jerk reaction like that probably gives a truer indication of how she is viewed. It certainly reinforces what comes across in the movie. I mean, he doesn't even pull it out of the fire. He actually goes on to say the reason she is "MORE" in ST09 than she was in TOS is because of who she is "sharing her affection with"!
Oh and Spock is the "… moral (sic) center of the show …"?! Mr Not-this-time? My main problem is trying to find the moral centre of the movie. How can I ever thank him? Ah, perhaps he thinks morals are restricted to how many people you sleep with? That would explain a lot.

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"If you think Uhura was sexualized because that is all we could think of to make her relevant, then you are having sexist thoughts for not wondering the same about Spock
... - Roberto Orci, (writer/producer for the rebooted Trek movies) referring to Uhura
Not to put too fine a point on it, but that’s utter rubbish. We clearly see Uhura doing the typical female thing of "supporting her man". He initiates nothing that I can recall (at least that is similar to TOS). And I don't believe it was Spock giving "moral support" before Uhura went off to save the day, etc.

And to think that despite the above it isn’t even Uhura who takes the biggest hit.

[Rant]For me Star Trek is a space opera not a soap opera. The Uhura relationship with Spock ruins his character. Not that it isn’t being wrecked in other ways, obviously. Spock had a (mostly) impervious and semi detached mystique. It was his thing. If you don’t appreciate at that, fine. But why stuff things up for those who do? Surely there are other characters who aren’t so unique and wouldn’t be as badly, well, "compromised" by an injection of extraneous emotional claptrap? If such is deemed to be "needed" of course. I just don’t get it. Someone goes to the trouble of coming up with one of the most interesting and iconic characters ever and all most people want to do is drag it back to being little different to a production model human being. Bloody philistines![/Rant]

With copious apologies to everyone I have just mortally offended of course.

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