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Re: Ghostbusters Comic Book

Interesting "Easter Eggs" in this month's comic, bigger ones than normal. (There's usually a cut little detail you can catch if you look around in the art a bit.)

First is that Janine's date looks like Egon from "The Extreme Ghostbuters." Secondly, the Ghostbusters while in Chicago meet up with "The Rookie" from the Ghostbuters video game and still call him variations of "Rookie", his uniform still even says "Rookie" on it. (He's started up his own Ghostbusters franchise in Chicago.)

And the issue also begins a likely to be a very interesting arc where a rival Ghosbusting team has started up that claims it actually eliminates the ghosts rather than simply catching and then detaining them. It's likely this'll snowball into a big mess down the road as Egon claims this is impossible along the lines on the concept of the conservation of mass and energy.

Interesting tidbit, up until now it's mostly seemed like the comic book is set in the early/mid 1990s given the age appearance of the Ghostbusters and the timeline the book has tried to establish. Yet the rival Ghosbuster team's version of Ecto-1 is a late model station wagon, And when I say "late model" I mean the design of the station wagon is very present-day and not in line with car designs of the early 1990s.
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