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Re: Who's your favorite Trek actor at conventions?

I'll give you my run through. I have seen all these people once, so some may have been having a bad day after a very long flight.

Kate Mulgrew: absolutely the BEST, very funny, expressive, warm, personal and obviously having an very good time being there. I'm not just saying this because I'm a KM fan either, this woman delivers.

Jeri Ryan: Quite reserved and quiet. She did smile and shake my hand when I gave her a compliment as I got a photo signed. Not particularly extroverted, but frankly I was honored to meet her as I've loved 7 of 9 very much.

Many Intiraymi: Friendly and funny but spent most of the session promoting all the things he'd been in since VOY with video clips. I'm never a fan of the promos.

Ethan Phillips: Funny, super warm and personal in the autographs and photos. Hugged every single person who had a pic with him. Seems to be very much enjoying himself, very down to earth.

Garret Wang: I'd rate him second after Mulgrew, excellent speaker. Humorous and personal, also seems to be having a blast. Hung out during the breaks with the smokers and I inserted myself into this group and chatted with him for about half an hour. He was the most regular person, if that makes sense.

Tim Russ: Oh he was lovely, LOVELY.

Brent Spiner: While a good speaker he was also very condescending. One person asked a question about Data and he replied.."you do know this is fiction right?". Repeat several times during a 20 minute Q and A. Yes we know it is FICTION and we just payed a minimum of 90.00 to watch you talk about this FICTION you idiot.

Hallie Todd: Played Lal, Data's daughter in The Offspring. Talked faster than any person I've ever heard speak, 95% of which was about an independent film she was working on and the other 5% was about some huge fight she had with her husband. Seriously bizarre presentation.

Robert Picardo: Everything you ever wanted in a speaker. Opened with singing the opera adapted to be about about Tuvok for the VOY ep.

Tuvok I understand,
you're a Vulcan man
you have just gone without
for 7 years about ..

Just adorable.

Avery Brooks: Very.. interesting. Couldn't understand a word he said. Very disjointed odd spiritual musings with enormous Sisko-esque pauses in between every few words. Looks great. Super nice to the fans. Took twice as long to get his autograph as he spent about 5 minutes saying hello to each person.

Walter Koenig: It was a privilege to meet Walter Koenig. He seemed quite tired (very long flight). His voice is really gorgeous to listen to. He was gracious and full of interesting Trek stories.

Chase Masterson: She's quite the character. Fun, bubbly, different.

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