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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

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That's pretty much it in Treklit. People are always on ships for YEARS while their very young children are planetside with a partner or a grandparent. Apparently this does not fuck you up in the 24th century.
Fuck them up totally or fuck them up with their absentee parenting?

B'Elanna hating her mum for making dad run away.

Tom hating his dad for making his mum.. Did she leave or die?

Wesley never having the stones to ask Bev if Jean Luc was his real pappy... Hell she left that kid on a ship and went back to Earth for a year! Riker was supposed to be his dad (Guardian), but I think he forgot about it after a week. Teenagers and goldfish. Flush'em or feed'em no difference.

Alexander Roshenko! That kid was basket case.

Of course Kim was the worst example of overparenting ever... Although at least his mum and dad didn't have him surgically altered into a Superman.... Maybe it's just my shitty smallscreen TVs but until his parents turned up I had thought that Julian was white.

Oh gods did you see Jake mooning over Mirror Jennifer Sisko!

Of course death is a different sort of desertion.
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