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Re: How many God like people/races were there in TOS exactly?

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I'm not a big fan of god like people or races.
DS9 must have annoyed you then considering how huge a part god like races play in that.

TNG as well.
Actually the prophets and Q only appeared in a handful of DS9 and TNG episodes. I didn't mind them since the writers took the time to develop them as characters.

The only ones that bother me are those that appear and are never heard of again. That seemed to happen often in TOS.
Outside of Q, all of the TNG "godlike" entities/races appeared and were never heard from of again. While the prophets are only seen in a few ds9 episodes, they are a constant presence and are integral to the overarching plot.

Seems like a double standard.

Sounds like your grievance has more to do with the differences between serialized and procedural television rather than the use of godlike entities/races.

DS9 was serialized, TNG used elements of serialization at times (but was procedural overall), and TOS was completely procedural.
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