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Re: A new movie about the greatest movie ever

"Only Hitchcock would have the nerve to kill off Marion Crane one-third of the way into the story," etc. Even though that was straight from the book.

And just try to find Bloch's credit in the ill-fated remake. It's buried in the closing credits along with key grip and hair stylists. I've never seen that done to an author before.''-----Greg Cox.

That is bizarre. Though the original PSYCHO's credits were all in the front, they had Bloch in very small print. You'd think with the remake being shot-by-shot and line-for-line, they'd've placed Bloch in the front as well.

The original film has also lifted dialogue almost verbatim, but the two key differences Hitchcock enacted were NOT having Norman overweight and bald, and making Miss Crane the only main character for the first half. Getting rid of her in the middle instead of the end probably is the biggest reason PSYCHO is groundbreaking. If Hitchcock had offed her right at the beginning, he'd've needed her decapitated as in the novel. But you couldn't really show that for a few more years....
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