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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

R. Star wrote: View Post
That was actually one of my favorite Janeway scenes where she's reprograming that Fair Haven hologram to her specifications, all while she's slowly stalking around it like a preditor.

"Delete the wife."
That is a great line, "like a predator". Really adds something to the scene!

Violet.Phoenix wrote: View Post
If they had been in the Delta Quadrant for a longer period of time I would think that something would have given in, either the rules or Janeway. I highly doubt that she would keep going back to her Irish pub boy whenever she needed to release a little tension.
Because she created him too close to her men feelings and fell for him? I do think she would be better off with someone she can completely objectify and not read poetry with. Compartmentalize the lust rather than going for the full banquet.
Of course, we all know that a relationship between her and Chcukles would have gone down the drain if they had remained in the DQ.
Why would that have happened?

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Janeways don't raise their children. They abandon their litters on far off jungle rainforest planets to fend for themselves.
That's pretty much it in Treklit. People are always on ships for YEARS while their very young children are planetside with a partner or a grandparent. Apparently this does not fuck you up in the 24th century.

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