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Re: How come theres never a queue for the Turbo Lift on the Bridge ?

I feel the urge to ask a question:

Why is it we all assume the turbolifts can only travel vertically or horizontally.

If a turbolift were traveling diagonally the lights at the various deck levels would equally appear in the turbolift as if one were traveling vertically.

It's an idea that just popped up when I put a ruler at the bow part of the dorsal section connecting the engineering and primary hull (on Doug Drexler's blueprint). It miraculously seems to end just below the turbolift of the main bridge.

I'm confident that from a ship designer's point of view you'd like to have a turbolift system that enables you to reach all decks in the shortest amount of time (especially if the chief engineer is needed in engineering).

That could explain the long turbolift ride in "The Enterprise Incident" when Spock takes the female Romulan commander to ... the cargo hold in the engineering hull?

And it would of course provide all the space to have a nice engineering room at the stern of the saucer section which wouldn't have to share space with a turbolift tube...

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