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Re: Galileo 7 Was it Boma, Spock or is it me?

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I think the error of discrimination is clear in Galileo 7. It does not have to be obvious to be clear. Spock is not respected as a commander because he is not acting as the crew anticipates/expects and it is causing tension. Their explanation is that he is Vulcan. The main idea of this episode to me is what does it take to be a leader? Spock is logical and intelligent and makes good decisions without panic. But there seems to be other qualities needed to be a good leader- I think the episode is contemplating this.

I think Undiscovered Country is about the misconceptions of people. I should start a new thread for that.
I understand that point, as their disdain for Spock's approach to their situation is made plain. What I wonder about is whether the episode effectively conveyed the message of their discrimination being in error, as Spock ultimately saved their lives not through an act guided by logic and critical thinking, but by an act perceived as desperate by his shipmates. If the writers had intended to show the error in discriminating against a man who always chooses the logical course of action, it would seem that having this type of thinking prevail would be the best means of illustrating that Spock's approach- different as it may be- is no less effective.

Whether that makes him suitable for command is something that cannot be answered in the course of a single television episode, as command requires a combination of knowledge, experience, trust in oneself, and the trust of others in one's abilities. Spock does seem to have the trust of his crew in The Undiscovered Country, but the events of said film occur nearly thirty years after those in "The Galileo Seven." It's likely that Spock- having proven himself in numerous situations since this initial mission- eventually gained the trust of his colleagues, once they realized that they didn't have to fear his unique approach to problem-solving.

That being said, you're right in that The Undiscovered Country deserves its own thread if we're to discuss discrimination as it relates to that film.
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