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Re: The title "Star Trek"

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I wonder what the show would have looked like if they kept to the concept of wagon train to the stars?
This is widely misunderstood these days... it wasn't "wagon train to the stars," it was "Wagon Train to the stars." Wagon Train was a successful Western TV series that was famous for its semi-anthology format; it had a standing cast of regulars, but a typical episode would focus on a featured guest star of the week as a member of the wagon train and deal with that guest star's particular drama. Roddenberry wasn't literally saying he wanted to do a show about a wagon train in space; he was saying he wanted to make a space drama that was similar in format and approach to the show called Wagon Train. Network executives in the '60s hearing "Wagon Train to the stars" would know exactly what he meant, because at the time Roddenberry first started pitching ST, Wagon Train was had been around for seven seasons and was still on the air. But today, the show is largely forgotten, so most people don't realize that Roddenberry was referring to a show title, not an actual wagon train.
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