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Re: A new movie about the greatest movie ever

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I just removed the but-buts. The only good explanation is the truth. The above post was also pasted word-for-word from my second TREK forum, in which I act eccentrically. But-but I refuse to let that happen here again.

It's my understanding that there's no Bloch in this film. BUT.....
ah, that's (Greg Cox) sound like Bloch is often passes over from attention. Are you saying Hitchcock has stolen Bloch's portion of the credit, or am I misreading your point?
This is a pet peeve of mine. With all due respect to Hitchcock, who is one of my favorite directors, Robert Bloch tends to get swept under the rug when it comes to critical commentary on the movie. Indeed, articles about and appreciations of the film often gloss over the very existence of the novel in order to make it sound like the entire story--the shower scene, Norman Bates, etcetera--burst fully-formed from Hitchcock's imagination.

"Only Hitchcock would have the nerve to kill off Marion Crane one-third of the way into the story," etc. Even though that was straight from the book.

And just try to find Bloch's credit in the ill-fated remake. It's buried in the closing credits along with key grip and hair stylists. I've never seen that done to an author before.

In my experience, most people don't even know there is a novel . . . .
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