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Re: Has the Blood & Chrome miniseries aired yet?

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I'm thinking Caprica and BSG actually made it harder for this new series to succeed, because the target audience would consist mostly of viewers of the other two series. At this point I'll venture that most of us don't really care how the story started anymore (some mob stuff, sports, corporate takeovers), and don't really care for how it ended up (pointlessly and 150,000 years ago), so we're very unlikely to find ourselves emotionally investing in characters and events that happened somewhere in the middle.

Our position is something like this:

<grandma voice>
"Once upon a time there was a corporate merger, and a robotics company bought a sport's franchise. The daughter of the CEO tragically died, but lived on as an avatar in a video game, while the CEO attempted a leveraged takeover of a rival semiconductor firm. The robots he built were so bored that they started going to church just to pass the time, and the viewers were so bored that they actually watched the robots sit in the pews."


"And then they decided that the war was pointless and stupid and their Earth turned out to be a garbage dump, so they found a new planet and just called it Earth, sent their ships into the sun, forgot everything that had happened, and went back to being hunter gatherers for the next 100,000 years. Oh, and some of the main characters were actually angels, but I forgot to explain any of that because it's not important anyway."

"Oh, and I also forgot to read you chapter 143 and 144. where the character who did all the pointless stuff first fought with the bored church-going robots."
</grandma voice>

<child's voice>
That's okay grandma, really. I should do my math homework, clean my room, and pair up my socks.
</child's voice>

I hate to be cynical, but that's about the size of it.
I like stories to be told in chronological order, and not be hemed in by a preestablished future that it has to fit into. We know how Caprica is going to end, all the episodes are just waiting to find the details of how we get there. I'd much rather watch a sequel to Battlestar Galactica set on modern day Earth or in the near future and explore the 12 colonies of Kobol with unearthed Ancient Astronaut BSG tech, that might be fun, and its open ended too.
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