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Re: William Shatner wants to return as Jim Kirk in Abramís Universe...

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I don't care how much plastic surgery he's had, plastic surgery doesn't give you the kind of non stop energy he has.
There's lots of medication that can.
Sometimes I can't believe what lengths people go to talk trash about someone they don't like.

I know, it's pathetic. It's funny, for decades it was "cool" to hate on shatner because he looked fat or he was wearing a toupe or he was too old looking, but now that he's in his 80s and looks/acts the way he does, nobody does it anymore. Now people hope they are like him at that age.

Most people will be lucky to live to 75, and by then they are usually so broken down they can hardly get up and down stairs without complaining.
"Thank you.. for the drinks."

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