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K. Beyer's Comment in The Eternal Tide's Acknowledgments

Warning: Spoiler Alert (not sure where the old spoiler alert notice is)

At the end of the Acknowledgements, Kirsten Beyer writes, "I cannot help but fear that some will see this story as a failure of nerve, and others, most unwisely, as a vindication of the narrow constraints they would see put upon all Trek literature. Neither is true."

I wonder what other readers made of this. My thoughts align with my preferred ending of this novel: the failure of nerve being to return Janeway to Death . . . and the vindication of the narrow constraints being similar to what I've read occurred during the days of the numbered books (when the series were still being produced): that characters could not be left dead, that the toys had to be put back in the sandbox.

What did others make of her comment?

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