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Re: NuWho Doctors

Tennant will always be my favourate doctor ever! Eccleston's my second fave ever. Smith would be third out of the nuwhos seeing there's only three nuwhos, but Smith would be further down if we were doing an all time poll.

If Ecclestonstayed longer, he'd probably be my fave. I only watched the first two episodes live, then forgot about the rest for about a year until Tennant was comming in. I warmed to Tennant during the second series, but I think I prefered Eccleston then. The third season was great (BTW, there are only a few second season episodes I can watch anymore, seeing that series was bad compared with most of the others. The cybermen two parter is an exeption) The thing is I grew up with Tennant as the doctor, so there's that special bond aswell. I had a feeling Smith would replace Tennant as my fave nuwho (Mcoy was my favourate then for some reason) but I was wrong. If RTD stayed on, Smith would probably be my favourate by now, but Moffat has ruined that chance for me now.

Also, I hate Amy and Rorry, families do not work in the tardis. Plus they stayed for three series. Most companions stay for one. Still, I'm looking foward to the newbie. Also lookign foward to Smiths regeneration, but that won't come anytime soon. Most of all, I hope Moffat leaves ASAP, he's terroised dr who for long ennougth.
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