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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

Her reasoning was all wrong for the show and the character. Here she is September 2009, and her reasoning was the audience demographic wouldn't accept her as a Captain who also has relationships. She believed the hype that only young men watched Star Trek, and that young men was the audience they needed.

While the truth is Star Trek and Voyager's demographic was women, who would have loved Janeway in relationships, but not the alien of the week.

Question 8: Select Sex and Age:
71% female, 29% male.
The majority of females fell between 41-50 at 66%. The males in that same age range came in at 34%.
The next highest category were fans between 21-30. 52% female, 48% male.
For those who are familiar with the history of Star Trek fandom, this is not surprising data. It also made sense when placed within the context of the other questions and the resulting data. I had also elaborated more on this data in my first blog, a follow up to the first survey. The detailed report on that survey is also on my site and contains additional information.
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