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Re: 3D TOS Shuttlecraft...

It's been awhile, but here's my new-and-improved lower hull. The main differences are the leading edge where the slope meets the leading edge more gracefully and the transition of the underside outer edge toward the aft. That transition could prove interesting to Gary Kerr as well because it starts off as a round, but it becomes an edge as it transitions aftward. It's true of the full-size mockup as well only there it's not only more abrupt, but it's also not as noticeable because we never see the underside of the mock-up. Curiously it doesn't look at all like that on the miniature partly because the underside is more shallow and the edge of the lower rails as seen aft are shaped differently. If I change the shape of the lower rails then I'm deviating from what was seen on the full-size mock-up and I don't want to do that. So I'm going to keep it as is and follow my original idea of adapting the miniature's underside cutout into the mock-up's underside shape.

Hopefully I can show you that soon.

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