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Re: 7X04 The Power Of Three (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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On the positive side, it's nice that Amy's not just a model anymore but actually writing for a travel magazine... I guess I wasn't the only one thinking it was a bit of a slap in the face to make her a model (someone valued by her looks), at least, when stacking her up next to the former companions and their ultimate career choices.
well, you know models after ten years....
That's not what I meant.

Look at Rose. Martha. Donna. Sarah-Jane. Jo Grant. Each of these companions went on to better things after their time with the Doctor.

Rose got her family reunited and ultimately her own Doctor.

Martha became a doctor herself and worked with UNIT and Torchwood before marrying Mickey.

Donna (who, admittedly had the most tragic fate all things considered) at least went back to her family and a future with a loving husband and considerable wealth (courtesy of her father.)

Sarah-Jane was still a journalist but was off basically being the "Doctor" on her own show.

Jo Grant ultimately became a world-class adventurer and matriarch of her own family.

What did Amy do after her time with the Doctor? She became a model and nearly divorced her husband.

In-story, it's not so egregious. Looking at it from the writer's perspective though, it's clear to me RTD had a better handle on what to do with his female characters than Moffat does.

I'm sure people will disagree with me here; I just think it was rather short-sighted and that it's nice to see that the writers have sort of addressed that.
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