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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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The Saints got screwed by having that TD at the end of the half taken away..... There was nothing that definitively showed that the ball was incomplete, and a couple of the views made it look like it was good. That screw up could be big if the Saints end up losing by 7pts or less.
And..... they got hosed again, on another interesting challenge. Personally, I would say the spirit of the rules say that if you hit the pylon but land out of bounds, that's incomplete. But he clearly hits the pylon before going out of bounds, and according to the rules, that should be a touchdown.
Indeed, though I have a hard time holding that one against them too much. While they screwed that one up, it's a rule that doesn't make a ton of sense and I didn't even realize it existed until the commentators started talking about it. While it's a rule (ergo, they should know it), at least it's not a completely obvious thing that they blew. And, the Saints did end up getting the TD on that drive.

With that game going to overtime, it suddenly looks like that 10pt swing from the botched review is a pretty big deal now.
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