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Re: UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths

TrekkieMonster wrote: View Post
I really enjoyed these 2 scenes. You've managed to take what might otherwise be merely "transitional" segments and add depth, excitement as well as your "patented" character development. It seems that every scene, every interaction between characters adds layers of depth to the characters' personalities. T'Ser's uncertainty and that telling pause when she needed to make her decision; Pell's reaction to learning that Donald was back; and, of course, Sandhurst's admissions/revelations with Counselor Liu all added to our insights and understanding of their respective personalities. I'm a little surprised how much I've come to look forward to the scenes between Sandhurst and Liu, and this session did not disappoint. I love the slight sense of uncertainty, and even unease, we're left with on Sandhurst's part regarding his time with the Amon. As always, very nice, and you've left me champing at the bit to see what comes next.
Much obliged, sir! I'm pleased that even the smaller interactions are holding the readers' attention.

CeJay wrote: View Post
Sandhurst is back. And as Taiee has observed, seemingly none the worse for wear. However that it has affected him to a significant degree is without question. We'll have to wait and see if his abduction will have long-term implications.

Careful observation over the next few days, maybe even weeks or months, would be more than warranted.
That will a serious consideration both for Starfleet Command as well as Captain T'Ser. How 'safe' is Sandhurst upon his return to Europa?

TrekkieMonster wrote: View Post
Wow, T'Ser is more wily than I realized. Brilliant move there with Lar'ragos. I didn't think anyone could get the upper hand on him - not really - but, it looks like she may have just found the one chink in his armor. Nicely played.

Again, I really enjoy the way you give us such interesting and progressive character development as you move your story along.

Never a dull moment, even in a simple conversation between two people.
Pava is old, clever, and dangerous, but everyone has weaknesses that can be exploited. T'Ser appears to have found his, and isn't afraid to use it.

CeJay wrote: View Post
Pava leashed? I didn't think I'd ever see the day. After stumbling somewhat earlier, both when dealing with Pava and also as the rookie captain of Europa, it seems T'Ser has found her legs.

I'm curious to find out what impact Sandhurst's return will have on the command structure on Europa.
T'Ser has been backed into a corner. She's in command of a partially crippled ship deep in hostile territory where powerful threats lurk behind every nebula. She's done being the Delta Quadrant's squeak toy, and not even Pava Lar'ragos is going to stand in the way of her accomplishing her mission.
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