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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

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(although I would have LOVED to see something along the lines of Isabo's Shirt that at least acknowledged and 'resolved' it rather than just letting it hang for seven years and then trolling everybody at the end).
I completely agree, the short story "Isabo's Shirt" gives us a scene that really should have been in the show. There was always that sort of unspoken reasoning behind why Janeway didn't pursue a relationship with Chakotay, but it was never explicitly stated. I feel like a scene resembling the events of that story would have given us more clarity and at least something of a 'resolution' to the tension between the two of them.

I would have preferred it either happen right at the end (either in the last handful of episodes or in the very last ep), or to leave it completely open. (ANYTHING but what we got, lol.)
If they had built it up more during "Endgame" (which really would not have been that difficult) then it could have worked, so long as it wasn't just thrown at us like that other relationship, ugh.

I've seen relationships happen on shows between couples that previously had a lot of UST and it often ruins the dynamic and the show - a case of 'be careful what you wish for', I guess.
I've seen this in a couple of shows that I've been following for that past few years. I think that with the kind of tension they had (these couples) it was inevitable, but for one it has been filled with challenges and for the other it remains to be seen what becomes of them getting together.

I think it really depends on the nature of the show and the environment that the characters live in. For Janeway and Chakotay it was trying to lead a group of people through an extremely volatile place where they had no idea of what they would encounter. On the one hand I can understand not wanting to pursue a relationship because it could completely mess with the thinking within the Command structure, but on the other hand I think, wouldn't it be good to have that person there for additional support when you really need it?

On the other hand, I'm really looking forward to seeing how their relationship will work in the novels, so maybe it would have been handled well - I doubt it, though, to be honest.
I'm really looking forward to what the novels have in store for them as well, so long as Janeway doesn't start having kids in the next one! Let her enjoy being back for a bit before she starts having little "angry warriors".
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