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Re: Why No "Captains' Table" Story For Spock?

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I always figured the bartender/owner 'Cap' to be a Q.
No, he's obviously this guy.

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I wonder if we would have gotten enough new Captains since TftCT for a new anthology or miniseries?
...Now that I think about it, a story about Clark Terrell from the Reliant would be interesting, as he was apparently a close friend of McCoy, though no scenes discussing their friendship were shown. I'm sure more could be written about Edward Jelico, Morgan Bateson, Ben Maxwell, and others.
I'd be glad to see anything new about Terrell. There's also Erika Hernandez and Ezri Dax.
And we got Quinn, Gannon, Zhao, Khatami and Nassir from Vanguard. And there was also Reyes, and Nogura but they weren't Captains so I don't know for sure if they'd count.
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