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Re: Dredd - Grade, Review, Discuss, Spoilers

Are the 3D screenings being pushed as hard at the expense of the 2D ones in the States as they are in the UK? I can see that playing a part in the films downfall, the 3D is nice but add so much to the film I could see people being willing to pay that extra amount for them without a pre existing love for the character. Hell, I think more 2D showings would have helped the UK boxoffice, the core audience for The Sweeny would have been a similar 70's kids on a nostalgia kick crowd and that apparently took 50% more on its opening weekend (despite supposedly being poo).

Very sad to see this film flopping the way it is. It deserves so much better. It borrowed alot from The Raid, but you know what?

Dredd > The Rai
The films were in development at the same time so the resemblance seems to be a coincidence. Though Tharg makes a little joke about it in the latest Prog by having a competition for Raid DVD's ("The film everyone's talking about... in Dredd reviews").
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