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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

But.. Yoko DID break up the Beatles!

You know she could have gotten John to stay if she wanted to.. but noooo, she had too many nude sit-in grapefruitesque plans for him and she didn't want to share him with those doofuses any longer.

how could she ruin the John-Paul friendship if that wasn't even the real Paul McCartney?
Jokes aside, the beatles didn't "break up". John just wanted to start a different career because he took interest in things that his friends didn't care about (while Yoko shared his interests instead) and it showed in his music.
He did what was good for him in that moment and he wrote some of his best and most memorable songs after he left the group.

I don't like that it's her "relationship with Spock" that does this. I
to be fair,BobOrci was replying to a Spock/Uhura hater who had previously said that her relationship with Spock ruined her character. In context, that's why he said "her relationship with Spock" in his counter-argument

Perhaps that's true for Yoko, but Uhura is no Yoko to me because Yoko was never a part of the original group, Uhura is/was. It's more like how the Beatles get reduced to John and Paul, forgetting George and Ringo, and even that's not an accurate comparison (to me).
Bob's (funny)comparison is a good one, though. Yoko was unfairly blamed for the fall of the beatles even though if someone was to blame it was the beatles themselves and John not her. When John met Yoko he already was "at odds" with the group.
At the time, the fans were trying to blame someone and Yoko was the easy target, the outsider, because according to some fans John couldn't have a life outside Kirk..ops... Paul and the Beatles, his life had to revolve around that and nothing else. (rumors said that Paul didn't accept Yoko too )
The same judgment is often used by some trek fans when talking about Nu!Spock who apparently can't be friends with Kirk if he has a girlfriend.
In that, nu!Spock is "changed" compared to TOS!Spock as he's different. Here, Spock and Kirk started as strangers to enemies while Uhura was his friend since, probably, years (similar to Kirk and McCoy who also are best friends here). That's not her fault (or McCoy's) if K/S weren't friends from the first frame of the movie and it surely won't be her fault if they will still have issues. It has nothing to do with her and everything to do with how different K/S are in this reality and the different circumstances where they met each other.
Spock will be still friends with Kirk, of course, but unlike Spock Prime he doesn't have only that friendship now and he shouldn't have only that friendship.
Less things to take for granted makes a more challenging story IMO
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