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Re: What do want to see from a new series

A Star Trek "cop show" might work. There are examples of sf/f cop shows all over the place, Grimm for instance. You just take the procedural format and make up new rules for the cops to follow. Grimm is fantasy rules, Star Trek could have sci fi rules.

In fact, Star Trek is supposed to be a cop show in part. TOS had episodes where Starfleet was the cop on the beat, investigating a mental hospital or mining colony where something had gone wrong. You can divide up the TOS episodes into cop show, military show, diplomacy, and personal stores.

Even The Doomday Machine was a cop episode of a sort, because they were carrying out Starfleet's mission to protect the Federation. (And that episode demonstrates how the cop aspect overlaps withnthe military aspect.)

This has little to do with what makes procedurals interesting to their fans, but it's pointless to try to appeal to that audience anyway.
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