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Well, to be fair it's not as though people haven't used mind-altering substances to have a Christian faith-experience before.
True. Point taken. I bet there are quite a few people who have dropped acid and found Jesus.

It's just that psychedelic mushrooms aren't served with the bread and wine, at least at most Eucharists.
That's true for sure. Although, peyote usage is an integral part of the syncretic Native American Church which at least can incorporate Christian beliefs.

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Glowing space rocks that give you hallucinogenic experiences which happen to fall in line with your cultural expectations? Clearly evidence of non-linear wormhole-dwelling aliens.
What's your point exactly? One of those glowing space rocks had the ability to throw the Defiant back in time and back again.. And Sisko & Co determined that they come from the wormhole, with technobabble. And I think that the Prophets (which were measured and explained with technobabble as well) even stated that they came from them. So yeah, they are evidence.

Ever since Starfleet (and I guess the Cardassians as well) showed up, the Bajoran religion turned out to be based on well-documented and scientifically explained phenomena. Unlike any of our real-world religions.
But until Dax and Sisko discovered the wormhole the orbs proved nothing - even the Orb of Time would rely on people's testimony.
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