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I just finished watching all 7 seasons of DS9 via streaming Netflix. When the series first came out, I only saw the first 4 seasons or so. Watching each episode without waiting weeks in between gave me a whole new appreciation for the series.

The last scenes were heartbreaking...seeing everyone go through all the flashbacks, it feels like saying goodbye to old friends I'll never see again.

So sad to know there will never be a movie or follow up. I suppose there are some novels out there but it just won't feel the same.

As a person who loves DS9, I say read the novels!!
Agreed. I'd suggest starting off with Avatar by S.D. Perry... practically picks up write where What You Leave Behind leaves off, and the Relaunch novels tell a powerful story.

The core of the crew, Kira, Bashir, Nog are still there and of course it wouldn't be DS9 without a certain scheming Ferengi. The rest of the cast will be filled out by both new faces and some familar ones from the Trekverse. And just because people like O'brien and Odo left doesn't mean they're not guest stars still.

Avatar tells a powerful story basically of a Prophecy of Doom and Death revolving around the birth of the Emissary's second child, which also ties in with Jake and the rest of the crew coming to terms with Sisko's departure, and setting the stage for the continuing novels.

The TNG crew and the Enterprise-E are also in the novel, but really their role is secondary and it's a DS9 centered story. I'd actually call their appearance a glorified cameo.
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