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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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I doubt it's actually supposed to be the German word "Wunderland." (no Umlaut) Remember how Wonderland was called "Underland" in Tim Burton's Alice film? I think it's probably just a pun along those lines.
Wunderland isn't supposed to have an Umlaut, is it?
No. Still, as a german, I have to say, "Wunderland" does indeed sound dumb. Then again, this is a matter of personal taste.

in other news: Has Incursion been discussed yet?

It's Starz' and Steven S. DeKnight's new show after Spartacus ends this season.

Incursion follows a squad of soldiers fighting a war against an alien race, and each season the showwould be set on a different planet. "Grittily realistic combat, darkly complex characters and intrigue on a cosmic scale will permeate the tale of fighting men and women facing the pressures of war and an enemy unlike any ever seen"
Premise sounds promising and I can absolutely see DeKnight pulling it off.
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