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Re: Rename The Motion Picture

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You're right. I apologize for that. I should've chosen my words more carefully.


I apologize, CorporalCaptain, but I'm not going to be able to read your reply. The tone in this thread is getting too negative, and I concede that I've inadvertently contributed to that, but in any case I don't feel this is a healthy conversation to participate in anymore.
Well, that's too bad.

Some of my points would have to do with separating criticism of the films from criticisms of the books. I think that right there is where some of our disagreement has originated. In particular, my criticism of the film 2010, doesn't necessarily apply to its novel, or to the novel of 2001. Similarly with you and your criticisms of the film 2001.

A second point worth restating and elaborating on is that my criticism of the technobabble in the film 2010 in part has to do with the shift in tone, relative to the first film, in absolving one group on the project while blaming the other. The dichotomy of splitting humanity into two groups is a theme repeated in at least four points in 2001: the two tribes of apes, the Russians and Americans, Frank and Dave, and then finally (in a broader sense) HAL and Dave. Arguably, the dichotomy of the Monolith and Dave is a fifth and even broader instance. In 2001, this dichotomy is universal. In the case of programming HAL, humanity is split into scientists and bureaucrats. I argue that it only makes sense if both are at partial fault. If the main function of an explanation is to shift blame entirely to one side or the other, then it is to be criticized as going against theme, even if in and of itself the explanation is otherwise fine. But there were also numerous technical problems in the explanation worth clarifying, at least with respect to how the explanation is interpreted, and it was worth clarifying to which versions each of my criticisms applied.

Unfortunately, connecting the dots and making that explicit, and raising the other points I wanted to, including to defend what I said in the first place, is a lengthy process. To me, the film 2001 is a life-altering masterpiece, or it wouldn't be worth the effort even to think about.

I appreciate your apology and your reply. If I don't submit the detailed and polished reply I had originally envisioned (and yeah it's looking like I probably won't), then the above at least names and summarizes some of the points that I intended to addresses and defend.
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