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Definitely Herbert. Maybe.
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Re: The First Poster for INTO DARKNESS Has Just Been Revealed...

Gep Malakai wrote: View Post
M'Sharak wrote: View Post
Not a bad look, but going to guess more fan art.
Yup. That's Carrie-Anne Moss's space helmet from "Red Planet:"

[ IMG][/ IMG]
I wasn't familiar with that movie, but I believe you've nailed it.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Okay, for future reference: I think we can safely assume that anything "a friend sent," anything that just popped up from some unspecified online source, is a fake. The authentic one will be announced on all the big media sites and we'll know it's official because they said so.
Sure, but it'll still be fun to pick the fan-mades apart, just for the exercise.

Christopher wrote: View Post
But at least one of the fakers finally figured out the difference between a teaser poster and a later poster with credits. I wonder if they were reading this thread.
I don't think I'd rule it out.


MadMan1701A wrote: View Post
Hey guys.

Both of the posters was me, messing around. I was just trying to see if I could get some discussion going, while dropping hints about a new model I built.

I had some help from a couple of friends getting them posted earlier on.
Heh, good one.

MadMan1701A wrote: View Post
So, here's a couple of larger images, and pictures of the new model. I'm going to go and post it in the art section also.


And, the Botany Bay! It even has lasers and missile launchers and everything!



So, what do y'all think?

Aha, that's the very shape I was trying to ID from the poster! Niiiice! But then, you always did do nice work, MadMan. Good to see you around again, and I think those'll go over very well in the Art forum.

MadMan1701A wrote: View Post
And the next one... I'm surprised the helmet got spotted so fast!
That Gep has got a pretty good eye for detail.
The motto of the Corbettite Order seems to be Ite Animose... a Latin phrase that can be translated as "go courageously." Alternatively, it can be rendered as "boldly go," which bears a striking resemblance to a phrase heard during the opening credits of a certain popular television series.

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