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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines Discussion Thread

Enjoyed the 90 minute premiere. Had to laugh at Russell saying he'd let the dummies stand up and be the leader with a target on their back, then turns around and does the leader thing himself. The Zane Strategy was nuts, which surprised me since pre-game buzz seemed to indicate he might be around for a while. Apparently not.

Still not sure it's fair to have Penner there as one of the returnees. Sure he had to be removed for medical reasons in that one season, but he also played Cook Islands long enough to be voted out 14th. Surely they could have chosen another first-timer that had to be evac'd. At least the other two got pulled in their first attempts. And it's great to finally get Skupin back on the show. Now if only they could convince Colleen from Season 1 to return...
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