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Starfleet enlisted insignia differed from today's system more than the officer insignia did.
More in which way?
The circular pips generally correspond with the stripes used by officers in the U.S. Navy (the two sets of boxed pips worn by admirals generally correspond with the number of stars worn by admirals there too). They're not identical, of course, but you can see how the four stripes for a Navy captain matches the four pips for a Starfleet captain and the two-and-a-half stripes for a Navy lieutenant commander matches the two solid pips and one hollow pip of a Starfleet lieutenant commander and so on. There's much more parity there in the rank insignia between Navy and Starfleet officers.

In comparison, O'Brien's insignia corresponds with a master chief rather than a senior chief. So as I said earlier, either O'Brien is really a master chief or Starfleet based its insignia for noncoms on a different system than today's Navy.
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