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Eccleston by far. His series was the best, the most who-like. Actual scary episodes and decent stories. Tennant's were fine, but nothing really special. And Matt smith is just annoying. Plain and simple. He takes eccentricity too far, He's full of himself too. And him singing praises of humanity every episode is getting old. I hate how everything is perfect too, amy and rory's house, perfect, all bright colours and happy happy. The tardis, all glossy and bright colours. It's just not right. The tardis should have been more like the original from the start though. Also Amy Pond is the worst companion ever. She's trying too much to take over as the main character, and she's really annoying.
It also seems the Doctor can fix anything in a minute, there's never any effort in it for him.

It's a shame really, It's a real disappointment.

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