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Re: Dredd - Grade, Review, Discuss, Spoilers

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I really liked this film. It was very gritty, very R-rated. The cast all did great jobs. I do hope it does well box office wise in the long run. It deserves too.

My only issue was when Wood Harris's character captures Anderson with her own gun. I couldn't see it, but was he holding her finger to the trigger? If not, there was no way he could've shot her. I was also wondering if maybe she allowed herself to be captured so that she could get on the inside.
If he'd tried to use the gun he'd have blown himself to pieces...which means he'd have blown Anderson to pieces as well!

Shame this isn't doing better. Shame that 18 cert films keep failing somewhat, it just increases the pressure on studios to keep churning out 12A sanitised things like The Hunger Games.

That said, the thing to remember about Dredd is that it wasn't expensive to make, so factoring in rest of the world and DVD sales it might do enough to justify a sequel...I hope so, in fact I really ought to try and see it again, I did enjoy it and I will be getting the DVD.
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