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As for what some have said about Worf v. Sulu. I actually liked the Excelsior idea. I think that Sulu was more than a glorified extra. Granted, he wasn't fleshed out much on TOS or even in the movies, but the fact that he was given a starship to command says that someone thought Sulu's character had potential.
Sulu is more of an open book. Not much is known of him, but he has an impressive history seen on screen, so much so that he got command of the most advanced ship in the fleet. There was a lot that could have been done with him and his own crew, plue we would have got to see more of the Excelsior in action.

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But something tells me that if Trek returns to TV it will be in the Abrams alternate universe. A John Cho Sulu show could be awesome.
Would the movie actors be willing to do a TV series, or would the producers need to recast the characters again? Or would they go a completely different route?

So long as it wasn't a rehash of TOS I could live with it. The quadrant has become vastly different, so noth everything would happen the same as it did in the Prime Universe. That's one thing that worries me with the movies, if they were to drag Khan out, or other established plots and tear them to shreds.
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