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Re: Rename The Motion Picture

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I'm not making this personal, but it's hard to deny that instead of engaging in debate, we're being both lectured and ridiculed. For instance:

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Oh, good grief, you couldn't be more wrong.
That sets the tone right there. Whatever may come afterward regards of accuracy or compelling argument is made lesser by this dismissive tone, which is a shame because some good points are made.
You're right. I apologize for that. I should've chosen my words more carefully.

And that tone continues to carry forth later in the same post when speaking on points made by Maurice.

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Emphasis is mine.

And I don't think it's constructive to define every problem in terms of who to blame. A fixation on blame is not a healthy way to cope with problems. It's more important to understand how they came about and how they could be/could have been fixed or avoided, rather than wasting effort on some petty scapegoat hunt. Responsibility is a worthwhile concept; blame is just vindictive.
We're being lectured here.
Not my intention. I was just expressing a belief.

When in fact, it was Christopher who brought up "fault":
Actually, no; I specifically put "fault" in quotes in order to acknowledge that I was, well, quoting the word choice of the person I was responding to. Using quotes that way is generally meant to distance oneself from the word choice, to say, "This isn't how I would choose to phrase it and I'm simply echoing another person's use." (Though unfortunately a lot of people use quotation marks for emphasis, with the exact opposite meaning, and that can obscure their usage.) I was saying "I don't think it's constructive to find fault, but if I were going to approach the question that way, I'd focus more on this factor than that other one."

First, comparing the process of solitary writing, that of a novel or short story, isn't an apt comparison. It's apples and oranges.
No, it's an analogy. And the comparison isn't about writing, it's about editing. I was going to make an analogy involving a sculptor taking material away from a block of marble rather than adding to it, but I realized an analogy that came from my own personal experience might feel a little less abstract and more trustworthy. Although I guess that requires having some trust in the speaker, and I'm afraid I haven't always been very good at evoking that trust in others on the BBS, which I deeply regret.

More than that, the appeal to authority is quite apparent. I write and this is how I do it (and others too) so that's how all editing works.
No, that's really not how I meant it at all, and I'm sorry it came across that way

Consider other ponderous science-fiction films, such as 2001. Every shot was deliberate, meaningful. Can the same be said of every effect shot in TMP? Not really.
In the theatrical release, no, because it was unfinished. But in the Director's Edition? I'd have to disagree. You're stating your opinion as a fact, but my opinion, which I'm every bit as entitled to, is that the pacing of the TMP Director's Edition is quite good and I don't find it wasteful at all. That's all I've intended to do at any point here -- express my opinions. I do tend to convey them rather emphatically at times, and again I apologize for my brusqueness, but I really am just trying to participate in an exchange of views. Frankly I'm starting to get the impression that you perceive your own opinions as facts, and perhaps that's coloring your perception of my intentions in expressing my opinions.

As for my reactions to Maurice, I do think he's being unreasonable and oversensitive, and I know because I recognize his reaction from times when I've done exactly the same. I'm trying to improve, but I'm not the only person on this BBS who could stand to dial back their posting style. Anyway, whatever dispute I'm having with him is really not your problem, is it?

I apologize, CorporalCaptain, but I'm not going to be able to read your reply. The tone in this thread is getting too negative, and I concede that I've inadvertently contributed to that, but in any case I don't feel this is a healthy conversation to participate in anymore.
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