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Re: There's no one like Kubrick

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Nobody loves GOOD dialogue more than me. That's one of many things JURASSIC PARK needed but didn't have. Kubrick intentionally cut back on his dialogue because he was concentrating on the enormity of outer space, and the isolation of the Discovery astronauts in particular. Three of those were in suspended animation and never spoke. Poole was killed and HAL was deactivated, so naturally Bowman, the final astronaut, doesn't talk for the remainder of the movie. (No doubt had 2001 been directed by Stan Lee, he WOULD have, alone or not, complete with word balloons.)
Only the HAL scenes have relevant, exceptional dialogue. If HAL was not in the film, then the ''bad dialogue, bad film'' theory might apply to 2001. As the theory's suggested now, I find it the comedy hit of the season. But one more point:
The original cut of 2001 was around 30 minutes longer. Kubrick did cut these scenes for pacing, realizing the film was long enough. To my knowledge no dialogue was cut, just extended imagery. If a future Blu-Ray edition finds this footage and reassembles it, it would be worth a look to see the original. Even if it was too lengthy, it would make the version we know now seem all the more proper.
The problem with 2001 isn't that dialogue is reduced to a minimum but a lack of explanation for... anything, really.
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