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Re: Should Geordi have moved on?

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Well, I am glad that, after choosing to remain on Enterprise, he decided to step back to commander. It felt weird, two captains. I know, it was done in the TOS movie,
With more than one character - Captain Spock, and Captain Scott, Captain of Engineering.

That being said, I'd love to have Geordi in command of his own SCE ship!!!!!!
Would be cool. But enough of the TNG crew have split off already.
Have there really been that many TNG crew that have split off? It's just Riker and Troi. Not counting Data since he's dead.

I haven't finished reading the George duology so I could be in error, but to my knowledge Picard, Worf, Crusher, and LaForge are all still on the Enterprise. The Enterprise-E crew hasn't split up enough.

I think the newer secondary characters introduced during the TNG-R might better be categorized as being split up (or otherwise): Kadohata, Leybenzon, T'Lana, Nave, Battaglia, than the traditional ENT crew.

If anything, Geordi would be the most likely candidate to leave the ENT-E next. The other old hands are in new roles, but Geordi is still stuck doing what he's been doing for 20 years. Though that can be 'realistic', this is fiction, and I would like to see more character growth. Besides, Taurik is a credible replacement.
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