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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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Kira looks the best of them all, Janeway would come second. Like Teacake I have a thing for older woman, something about the imperfections of age increasing their beauty or something... The strange thing is 7 looks plainer without her Borg facial pieces so imperfection complements perfection, if that makes any sense.
Makes perfect sense.

On Kira, Nana Visitor is a fine actress, but she also has a fantastic swagger that she brings to the role. Major Kira walks like someone who backs herself.

Ronald D. Moore wanted to leave when DS9 ended but he was tempted to still dabble with Star Trek so he became a producer for Voyager, unfortunately VOY is not DS9, it never matched up to that complexity, that richness, or diversity, intrigue and interest of the the characters. Moore realised this and combined with his dislike of VOY's direction (or lack of it) he left early in season 6 due to season 6 of VOY merely running on vapours. There were good episodes but when you really watch it closely you realise that something is missing.

Quality Trek ended with DS9 while a bold-let's-experiment Trek resurfaced with seasons 3 and 4 of Enterprise. ENT emulated DS9 later on and at least it tried towards the end (barring TATV).
I agree on the fall from DS9 to Voyager. That Janeway still leaves such a bold impression is due, at least in part, to Mulgrew's fantastic performance, and the odd bit of good writing. The introduction of Seven of Nine, as I suggested above, added an important new relationship with the captain, which Chuckles wasn't providing.

I may be pilloried for saying so on the BBS, but Enterprise was superior to Voyager. If only because of its later story arcs and acting. But, again, it was ruined by lazy writing.
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