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Re: Should Geordi have moved on?

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I really like the idea of rebooting SCE with LaForge involvement ..
Agreed. LaForge is a great choice to Captain an SCE reboot
This sounds like a good idea to me! Ever since "Timeless" I've wanted to see Captain LaForge. We got just a taste of that in Indistinguishable, but now that I'm reading Mr. George's Typhon Pact books, I see that he has been demoted again. I do think it's time that the character move on and a SCE series would be a good place for him.

Some might feel if Geordi gets promoted he's going to be written out of the novels. That is a possibility, but the way I see it, he barely gets much attention in the novels right now, and if he's going to be sidelined, I would rather have it be that his character has moved on as the reason for him not being written about. It at least offers the potential for new development with him at some future date.

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