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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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See, Kai Winn is a character I find very sexy. Odd, isn't it.
Wow DA you're the only person I've seen say that beside me.

She exudes an animal sensuality. She's very seductive and I think has entranced many a follower who are less inspired by the usual beige bajoran piousness. Really, she's a cult leader.
She's the only sexy thing about Bajor.

Tell me you think Lwaxana is hot too.
Only when she cuts out the "Sacred Chalice of Rixx" bombast, takes off her wig, and lets Odo sleep in her lap.

As to DS9 badness.. I've got some condition where the more I chew the Trek cud the more I enjoy it so episodes I thought appalling on the first run through I now am filled with sentiment for. False Profits isn't one of them though.. and The Reckoning should be airlocked.
Unfortunately BSG culled much of my sentiment. But Ferrengi shows are often the worst.

I realised, watching DS9 again, that the chief problem with Ezri is that de Boer can't do cute-and-ditzy. Really. She looks the 'cute' part, but her dramatic scenes (e.g. in 'Prodigal Daughter') are more convincing than her 'I'm a flake' scenes.
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