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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Welcome to all newbies and welcome back to all oldies

Australis put it very mildly. If I am nost mistaken there is even a clause in the board rules that declares account sharing a bannable offense. This might originally have been targeted against trolls but has been kept for good reasons:

If you share an account, you can make twice as many posts and shall get promoted to higher ranks faster than other users which might cause envy and lead to snide remarks at best or a flame war at worst (not by us normal members, of course, but there is always the inevitable bully / board idiot and those who follow him). Being an old member here, Troi, you might remember the general board mood a decade ago when the situation escalated that badly that bans were handed out left and right by the score. You'll surely agree that we really don't need these times back again.

Also, there might be problems when someone tries to specifically PM only one of you or add one of you to their friends list.

Plus: if you intend to vote in a poll, you'd have only one vote for the both of you (and you might disagree on the which option to vote for)

For these administrational reasons it might be better if you'd register a second account. How about naming it "Troi& Riker" or "iorT&rekiR" ? This way you'd signal that you two belong together and it'd still be two separate accounts.

(don't worry if you're not that much into Trek - there is always Miscellaneous and the lounges I stick to both myself, most of the time, as imho they are the nicest places on the board. It'll be fun to get to know each other and have a girl's talk behind your hubby's back )
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