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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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Is your Elliot list inspired by one of the films/series or by the book with your own visuals provided? I ask because many seem very taken with Austen on tv but I've always found the characters in the books more compelling.
Definitely the books. I like the recent BBC television adaptations, but the books are what enlusted me (the amorous version of enlisting).

Sisko really isn't that interesting, but he's a necessary door stop to all the drama that swirls around him. If he wasn't a prophet he'd be deadly dull. I could have done with a lot more Kai Winn, though we did get some wonderful scenes with her Dukat story line.
See, Kai Winn is a character I find very sexy. Odd, isn't it.

gah every time I talk about DS9 the urge to do a total rewatch is upon me.
Recently downloaded the whole of DS9 series 7 on iTunes. I didn't realise how BAD some of it is. The best episode so far has been 'Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges'. But Bashir should've been more compromised (or at least more anguished). It reminded me of why Ronald D. Moore left the franchise.
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