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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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Why would that be? Could it be because then she might not break up "the big three" or something of that nature, or is there another reason? I don't see what makes Spock a poor choice compared to Scotty or Sulu. And as far as the 2009 movie goes, she (Zoe) didn't and I think wouldn't have had the kind of chemistry with Pegg or Cho that she had with Quinto. Their story together makes the most sense, but I'd still like your feedback. I'm interested to know why you think she'd be better with other people.
I think that you hit the nail on the head

Personally, I can't see what the heck TOS Uhura had in common with Scotty or Sulu or when or where she has showed some genuine interest in them romantically. Even less, I can't see why Nu!Uhura should be attracted by either of them (nu!Uhura who, I want to remind for the sake of, intercepted and translated a transmission from a Klingon prison planet in her spare time and that essentially saved everyone's butt)
Talking about the actual television series developed by Gene Roddenberry here, of course, not the movies, specially not the ones like star trek V that Gene Roddenberry himself didn't consider canon for plenty of reasons. The movies are no different than JJ's movie, in that sense neither Spock/Uhura nor Scotty/Uhura were canon in TOSeries, they're canon only in the movies where each director and set of writers proposed their own version.

I think that if people are against Spock/Uhura because it reduces her to a love interest then it doesn't make sense for them to approve any Uhura pair, at all , especially not Uhura/Scotty that not only did came out from nowhere in TFF (and in that you can essentially criticize them using the same reasons that are now used against Spock/Uhura) but it was bad taste, frankly, as they were old people and she was under the influence of Syboc who was using her for his own purposes. Not to mention her nude dance scene from the same movie
It felt forced to me in TFF it figures in the Abrams' verse they didn't even interact in that movie.
On the other hand, nuSpock and Uhura know each other since years.

Spock and Uhura did have some flirting scenes in TOS and GR had wanted to explore that from the get go but he couldn't do that. So, If you can easily buy a random couple like Scotty/Uhura in TFF without having any actual hint of that in the original series, then it shouldn't be so hard to buy the Spock/Uhura thing in the alternative reality.

TOS fans that believed the movie needed to be about "the big 3."
or the big TWO. To be fair, there wasn't this big 3, at all. It became the Kirk/Spock story and in that JJ isn't the one to blame. I do wonder why people care so much about McCoy now but didn't have any issue with him losing his importance in the prime universe.
I will be very glad if they'll include McCoy in the trio again but I will be even more glad if they will have "the big 4" this time like it seems that they're trying to do with Uhura.

"Her relationship with Spock elevated her to the level of the original trio. She was everything she ever was in TOS and MORE by sharing her affection with the moral (sic) center of the show, and not the playboy Captain." - Roberto Orci, (writer/producer for the rebooted Trek movies) referring to Uhura.

"If you think Uhura was sexualized because that is all we could think of to make her relevant, then you are having sexist thoughts for not wondering the same about Spock
Reminds me of the sexism inherent in blaming Yoko Ono for the break up of the Beatles." - Roberto Orci, (writer/producer for the rebooted Trek movies) referring to Uhura
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