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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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Thank goodness it's all fiction.

I do find strong women attractive but if I was to look around for women IRL that fit that bill they wouldn't be wielding compression phaser rifles. They would be determined people who charted their course in life with minimal influence from societal expectations. Or they would be women who put their family first in ways that passed their strength down to the next generation. Women who thought long and deep on what their values were.
This well describes my unashamed lust for Anne Elliot, from Austen's Persuasion.

7 is my favorite ever fictional character and it has nothing to do with her looks. I don't relate to her as hot or beautiful, it's all about her journey to overcome what happened to her and to rediscover and reinvent who she is. I'm never drooling over 7. I do get oddly defensive of her when she is attacked as being all about the T and A or whatever.
Yes, I agree with all of this. She was, unfortunately, over-used (or, rather, others were under-used). But an excellent character, which allowed the series to overcome its moribund plotting and characterisation.

The relationship between Seven of Nine and Janeway is one of the best in Star Trek. Even without the slash parts (which make more sense than Janeway and Irish holograms), it's well rendered and acted.

Kira grew on me with repeated viewings. I particularly like her struggle with her faith and Sisko, as well as her conflict with Kai Winn (who I think is fabulous character with the best acting in the series).
To be honest, I'd have watched DS9 without Sisko--just Kira, Kai Winn, and some of the stronger actors and characters.
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