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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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But, despite how attractive this makes her, I can't help thinking that we wouldn't get along...
Oh she wouldn't notice me at all, and if she did notice me it would be "straighten up ensign, you're out of uniform" and "that's an order ensign, you don't get to choose what planets you beam down to, risk is part of the job." No you will never find me in any kind of quasi-military hierarchy. I would have been one of the Maquis, a very maladjusted one who you never saw again because the only task she had was forever scrubbing plasma conduits.

Thank goodness it's all fiction.

I do find strong women attractive but if I was to look around for women IRL that fit that bill they wouldn't be wielding compression phaser rifles. They would be determined people who charted their course in life with minimal influence from societal expectations. Or they would be women who put their family first in ways that passed their strength down to the next generation. Women who thought long and deep on what their values were. Now certainly we can find all those things in Captain Janeway (other than societal expectations perhaps as the Federation is a magical place where everyone can do everything). But we also get :

And that's HOT.

If I saw someone out in the street like this I'd call the cops and hide, hahaha

It's funny how some people are just not into fiction.. if you tell them that a fictional character is a role model they are bemused at best. I've got more in common with an 8 year old boy running around playing Star Wars than with a lot of adults I do apply a lot of fiction to my real life, it's like having a whole alternate reality to tap into. Yes the Doctor is coming for me now.. any Doctor will do, the EMH, the Tardis, the lovely Bashir..

Of all the female characters in Star Trek, I'm most attracted to Major Kira and Seven of Nine (which is odd, as I rarely notice blondes). Both are strong, loyal, intelligent characters who have 'authority issues' and vulnerabilities caused by trauma.
7 is my favorite ever fictional character and it has nothing to do with her looks. I don't relate to her as hot or beautiful, it's all about her journey to overcome what happened to her and to rediscover and reinvent who she is. I'm never drooling over 7. I do get oddly defensive of her when she is attacked as being all about the T and A or whatever.

Kira grew on me with repeated viewings. I particularly like her struggle with her faith and Sisko, as well as her conflict with Kai Winn (who I think is fabulous character with the best acting in the series).

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